New post – an updated chart on Gold with price targets

We are in the sweet spot of the vertical decline. The targets of 1331 and 1251.

See my posts last week on Gold for more background. Click here. We are not at the beginning of the end or the end of the end. We are in the middle of the end.


You all know that I am constantly attacked by Silver bulls for bad mouthing their tabernacle. I blocked one Silver bull from my Tweet updates due to rude behavior. Following is the email I received from him (her? it?). This demonstrates how rapid Silver bulls can be. Notice the special Gmail address the Silver bull secured for his (her? its?) correspondence to me. Maturity on display.

Peter Doosh
Peter Doosh wrote: so you challenged me on a DM after i challenged you then blocked me so i couldnt answer your challenge shows me how Big of a Coward Dooshbag LOSER you are, and already look Like in your pic…old DOOOSHBAG
I do not make this stuff up — it is for real. I realize that this type of behavior is an outlier even among Silver bulls. I actually find this type of behavior rather amusing. Actually, I find most Silver bulls to be quite pleasant and thoughtful folks.







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