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Chart Summit – Best Dressed Charts of 2016

Each year at about this time I publish a “Best Charts List” showcasing the outstanding examples of classical charting principles from the just-completed year.

The Best Dressed List (BDL) illustrates the types of trading situations Factor LLC seeks in its proprietary account. These types of trading situations are the main focus of Factor LLC’s trading.

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Correlation of Japanese Yen with Gold

Gold Yen Correlation

Conventional wisdom has been abuzz lately about the Gold Yen Correlation. The two charts below are courtesy of my friend James Cutting of Nautilus Capital. Indeed, on the basis of a 63-day Gold Yen Correlation (I have no idea how James determines these time periods) there is presently a .85 correlation between the two markets. The second chart in this series shows that since 2013 there has been a fairly consistent correlation of at least .50 between the markets.


Yen Gold Correlation 2- Factor Trading - Peter Brandt

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