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Is rain predicted for the Silver bull market parade?

It is not my intent to make it rain on the Silver bull market parade -- nor should this email be taken as a prediction -- but all-time record levels of speculative long (or short) positions and commercial short (or long) positions MUST be taken seriously.


Keep in mind that record CFTC COT levels, in and of themselves, do not demand a reversal of trend. In fact, some of the biggest moves in history have come from capitulation by commercial traders.


Nevertheless, consider several other recent examples of record (or near record) speculative long (or short) positions and commercial short (or long) positions.



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Bottom-line Winners – Junk-Pile Trades

Bottom-line winners and junk-pile trades, part 1: How they all contribute to Factor’s trading operations and performance.

Part 2 of this series will focus on Bottom Liners.
Part 3 of this series will focus on the Junk Pile of lesser profits and losers

Crude Oil Descending

Crude Oil is descending out of a triangle pattern. The daily graphs show clear signs of topping in the energy markets. The daily graph of Sep RB Gas has completed an 11-week H&S top pattern with a target of 1.3237.

Silver and Gold Confirm Bull Market

Silver – Despite the fact I have preferred the long side of Silver over the long side of Gold, I have grossly underestimated the power of this Silver trend….Gold – The broadening pattern is typically reversal in nature. Very rarely will a continuation broadening pattern occur….