The Factor Service provides weekly Updates and periodic special Alerts focused on futures and Forex markets. The specific markets covered by the Factor Service depend upon the markets Peter Brandt is trading or considering to trade in his own proprietary account.  Peter is, first and foremost, a market speculator, as he has been forty years. In a very real sense, the Factor Service is a real time diary of the speculative endeavors undertaken by Factor LLC for its house account.

The Factor Service is founded on four major pillars or themes:
• Classical charting principles – Peter is widely considered to be one of the foremost authorities on applying classical charting practices to futures and forex market trading. Peter has proven classical charting to be an outstanding method to identify trades with an asymmetrical reward to risk profile.

• Active and aggressive risk management – Factor considers risk and trade management to be a far more vital contributor to outstanding performance than is trade selection. What a trader does with a trade is more important than what trades are selected. Risk management begins with capital preservation. Factor advocates a wide range of strategies and practices to cut losses short and allow profits to grow.

• Trading as a business – “The process of Trading” – Too many investors and traders approach market speculation without the rigorous discipline needed to grow a business. Many traders tend to be haphazard and random in their speculative operations. Factor advocates for the organized and routine repetition of best practices. Reduced to its minimum function, trading is a matter of entering orders. A trader is a glorified order enterer. The management of order flow brings together all pertinent components of market speculation – trade selection, timing, leverage and sizing and risk and trade management.

• The human aspects of market speculation – The biggest enemy of any professional trader is self. Successful market speculation is an upstream swim against human nature. Overcoming the emotional pulls of fear, greed and false hope requires constant vigilance and self-awareness. A theme of the Factor Service is the need for all traders to recognize themselves as a detriment to their own success.

These four themes are interwoven into the process by which Peter analyzes trades and executes his trading endeavors.

Peter recommends that Factor members NOT trade any of the themes he trades for at least one year, instead just following his comments on risk management and the human factor. Peter thinks that members should consider their Factor membership as just one more trade — that most members have easily lost the cost of a one-year membership on many trades. Then, at the end of one year a member should make one of three determinations:

1. No longer be a member.

2. Continue to be a member and learn from Peter’s commentary on what 40+ years has taught him.

3. Continue to be a member and apply one’s own trading methodology to trading ideas Peter presents.

Peter NEVER recommends that a member simply follow Peter’s trades without applying their own methods and techniques. Peter soundly believes that trading tactics MUST be developed independently by each trader.


Products/Services* Used by Factor LLC

Of course Bloomberg is the #1 source globally. But also very expensive to subscribe to Bloomberg unless you are doing so with soft dollars. I find Genesis Financial (Trade Navigator) to be excellent for futures globally. Real time not super expensive if you subscribe as private speculator. For a long term position trader end of day would work. I also like the Trade Navigator platform for entering orders. My orders flow via API feed from TN to CQG and then on to ADMIS.

Futures Commission Merchant (FCM)


Purpose: Global futures markets and forex
Contact: Email Jolleen Oleson at if you’d like to be introduced by email to our contact at ADMIS.
Peter’s comments: For futures I use ADMIS — it is backed by a multi-billion dollar firm, Archer Daniels Midland. I personally am not a big fan of ADM’s platform, so I use the CQG Trader platform for orders and Trade Navigator for charts.  By way of an API feed, I can also enter my orders direction on the Trade Navigator platform and the fills flow through CQG to ADM.

TD Ameritrade

Purpose: U.S. stocks

Interactive Brokers

Purpose: Foreign stocks
Peter’s comments: Interactive Brokers is an option for equities and futures, but I WOULD NOT use them for forex — their accounting and way of offsetting trades requires a PhD in investigative accounting to understand.

Peter does not have a recommendation on any retail brokers for spot forex, select at your own risk.

Trading Platform


Purpose: Orders
Peter’s comments: See ADMIS comments.

Trade Navigator 

Purpose: Charts
Contact:800-808-3282 or
Free trial:
Peter’s comments: See ADMIS comments. Excellent customer service. In combination with CQG it can be used to enter orders by point and click.


Trade Navigator

See above


Website: – when traveling

*This is informational ONLY. Peter receives no compensation for listing services he utilizes for his trading. Individuals will need to contact each company with further questions about cost, packages, and other offerings.


Services* you should know about
Watch our interview with Jack Schwager here, timestamp 49:11 begins details on FundSeeder:
Peter’s comments: For traders who want to obtain important metrics on their performance, compare themselves to other traders, develop a documented track record and/or position themselves to become a money manager, is an awesome way to go.

Real Vision TV & Publications

Website: and for Publications:
Peter’s comments: RealVision is the brain child of Raoul Pal and Grant Williams, both giants in the world of international finance and trading. I am honored to be a part of both RealVisionTV and RealVision Publications. Both sites were created as an alternative to brainless information content provided by CNBS, Bloomberg and the like.

Bank Credit Analysis

Tech Charts Research & Trading 

Peter’s comments: Aksel is a personal friend who does his technical analysis from Bulgaria. Aksel has spent time with me in Colorado Springs and is a member of small private group of traders with which I am connected. Aksel is a “MUST” follow if you trade global equity markets. You can find Aksel on Twitter @TechCharts and follow his blog postings on his website. Aksel started a subscription service in May 2017, I highly recommend joining.

Nautilus Research

Peter’s comments: If you have an extremely well financed trading account, I cannot recommend the research from Nautilus more highly. Nautilus focuses on a specialized field of research known as Analog Correlates. If I was not a classical chartist I would focus on analog year comparisons. This is a highly rewarding source of market insight. Nautilus provides a wide range of research in addition to analog year correlations.

The Felder Report
Peter’s comments: Jesse Felder is an extremely talented trader who understands global macro concepts. Similar to Nautilus, the Felder Report is priced at a premium commensurate with its value and is intended for institutions and professional traders.

Max McKegg 

Email for more
Peter’s comments: I am always looking for traders who see the same things on a chart as do I. Max McKegg provides a daily technical review of the forex markets, focusing heavily on the Asian currencies. Max is a classically trained chartist, but he also has knowledge of Elliott Wave, a technique I know nothing about.

Helpful reference material

*This is informational ONLY. Peter receives no compensation for listing services he utilizes for his trading.Individuals will need to contact each company with further questions about cost, packages, and other offerings.


Recommended Books

Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits – Richard Schabacker, Either edition

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends – Edwards and Magee, Only 6th version or earlier – only first half of the book

Market Wizards series – Jack Schwager

Inside the House of Money – Steven Drobny, European version of Market Wizards