About Peter L. Brandt

Peter L. Brandt entered the commodity trading business in 1976 with ContiCommodity Services, a division of Continental Grain Company. From his start in the commodity industry, Peter’s goal was to trade proprietary funds. But, he first needed to learn the business.

From 1976 through 1979, Peter handled large institutional accounts for Conti, including Campbell Soup Company, Oro Wheat, Godiva Chocolate, Swanson Foods, Homestake Mining and others.

In 1980, Peter founded Factor Trading Co., Inc. In his capacity as CEO, Peter was primarily engaged in trading proprietary capital. Factor Trading also produced market research and managed the trading activities of several large institutional clients. Among Peter’s institutional trading clients was Commodities  Corporation (“CC”) of Princeton, NJ, at the time one of the world’s largest trading houses.

In 1990, Peter published his first book, titled Trading Commodity Futures with Classical Chart Patterns. 

In 2011, John Wiley and Sons published Peter’s 2nd book, Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader. The book became Amazon’s #1 ranked book on trading for 27 weeks. His first book, Trading Commodity Futures with Classical Chart Patterns, was published in 1990, is considered a classic by many traders.

What some of the very best say about Peter

There is no magic to classical charting. The magic is in combining insightful and experienced chart analysis with sound risk management. And this synthesis is precisely what Peter Brandt excels at and has translated into four-decade successful trading career. In contrast to so many others who promise to teach you how to trade when they haven’t successfully done so themselves,  Peter Brandt is the real deal.

I am a big fan of Peter’s writing and ideas. Peter always has a plan and so when I get an idea from him I take it seriously. Trading is a process and Peter takes that really seriously.  He is a great mentor.

We’ve all ready about the high rollers who go boom and bust, but this book is different. With straightforward prose, practical knowledge and honest counsel, Peter Brandt methodically explains what no one has before: how a dedicated individual can trade for a living. If that is your destination, this is your ticket.

Peter is simply one of the very best and most experienced classical chartists in the world. His analytical, pure chart-driven approach to trading and risk management is clear, understandable and actionable. Real Vision has had the honor of featuring Peter’s work and his content remains one of the most talked about and enjoyed by our subscribers. I can not recommend his work enough.

Peter Brandt has been a dear friend and mentor to me for many years now, so my objectivity is somewhat biased when it comes to talking about him.  What we have in common is a passion for markets, though I come from the fundamental side while Peter is a classical chartist.  What I have discovered over the years is that Peter is the real deal; not only does he have a track record that puts him in an elite category, but he is without doubt one of the best teachers and risk managers that I have come across in 28 years of trading.  Peter is the consummate trading professional, a trader’s trader, while at the same time he has a keen interest coupled with a rare talent to pass on his knowledge to those that are willing to listen.

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More great testimonials

Factor is your ticket to learn from one of the true legends within our industry. Rarely does a trader of the caliber of Peter Brandt share their analysis of markets, and how to trade classical charting patterns that have withstood the test of time.

I am happy to see 40 year trading veteran Peter L. Brandt release a subscription service that not only shows his skills as a classical chartist, but also incorporates the importance of managing risk and emotions in the trading process. As a trader and educator, I’m always looking to learn from and share the knowledge of others. This new service is a golden opportunity to do just that.

Peter Brandt is the best classical chartist I have studied or followed, I cannot recommend him highly enough.  What I have most benefitted from following his trades are his systematic approach to risk and trade management which are the best ways to control trading emotions. All traders would benefit from his extraordinary knowledge and experience of charting and how markets behave.  I feel lucky to know him, he is a thoroughly decent man and kind and patient teacher.

“What stands out in Peter’s work is not just his knowledge and experience, but his wisdom.  He studies both market patterns and the emotional patterns of traders and he understands that both are necessary for trading success.  It is rare that I leave one of Peter’s writings without a gem of wisdom as well as fresh perspectives on markets.”

Peter L Brandt has been one of our most popular and inspiring guests on Talking Trading.

His passion for trading, his years of wisdom in the markets and his desire to help fellow journeymen made him one of the most delightful and powerful guests I have interviewed.
He is a true gentleman of the markets and it is easy to see why he is an industry great.