Factor Public Webinar November 2023 – Market Review and Q&A

Recorded live November 27, 2023


  • Peter’s background and how he trades 00:17
  • Charts on the radar screen 11:45
  • Q&A 26:15

Live questions from Members  

  1. You have a long-standing stance that Bitcoin has a 50% chance of continuing to increase in value and a 50% chance of going to zero…based on that, in what instance (or instances) would you see Bitcoin going to zero, and if that were the case, how fast could such an event happen? (i.e. zero overnight or would it take more time)? 26:15
  2. Which of your four pillars is the most critical and why? 28:03
  3. Are you still only trading weekly charts, or will you trade daily chart patterns as well? 29:40
  4. Any opinion on stock FLR? 30:51
  5. Any idea why did Edwards & Magee become more popular than Schabacker? 32:20
  6. Has this been one of your toughest years performance-wise? 33:50
  7. Are you looking at Forex pairs as closely as Futures contracts when you are charting and looking for potential positions? 35:57
  8. Do you trade altcoins too? Are you taking chart requests for altcoins? 37:44
  9. How do you decide where to set your stop when you enter a new position? 38:44
  10. In the FLR chart, do such patterns mean retesting the recent lows successfully by making a new Higher High again and again to break out? 43:33
  11. Using technical methods, what are good books for day/swing trading? 45:02
  12. Do you follow only Robusta or KC futures as well? 46:00
  13. In order of your top 3 or 4 preferences, what are your favorite patterns? 47:41
  14. Do you take the continuation pattern or the pattern of the contract month? 51:37

Link to Peter’s recommended reading list on Amazon 

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