Treasury Bonds are constructive - Peter Brandt

Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds) are Constructive

Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds)

The dominant chart construction in Treasury Bonds (T-Bonds) is the 10-month symmetrical triangle completed on the weekly continuation graph in late Jan. The Sep T-Bonds futures contract has decisively completed a 4-month inverted H&S pattern on the daily graph. The advance this past week also completed the 4-month congestion zone on the daily continuation graph (not shown). Factor (see premium service here) is long the Sep contract. Stops have been advanced to just below Wednesday’s low.


T-Bonds - Treasury Bond Chart are Constructive - Factor Trading - Peter Brandt


T-Bonds - Treasury Bond Chart are Constructive - Factor Trading - Peter Brandt

Please forgive me for making a quasi-political statement. The behavior of the U.S. interest rate markets and the jaw-boning of the Fed are at TOTAL disconnect. This highlights two facts – the Fed is incompetent and totally out of control and Janet “The Felon” Yellon is way out of her league.  I have known more about U.S. Treasury rates as a chartist than has Yellon as Fed Chief.


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