A chart analysis of the Swiss Franc


Charts indicate that the USD/CHF could trade at 1.1200 and perhaps as high as 1.2350.

Swiss National Bank is intent upon driving the Franc lower (i.e., USD/CHF higher)

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When analyzing the charts of a commodity, stock or foreign exchange pair, it is always best to start with a long-term view and work towards the shorter-term. The 100-year chart of USD/CHF shows that the USD is extremely cheap in historical relationship with the CHF, as shown below. Market observers who believe the USD/CHF cross is overheated do not have a clue. The clueless bunch were screaming "overbought" on USD/JPY back in Jan 2013 when the cross was under 90 to 1, on its way to 123 to 1. USD.CHF 100 years Read More

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