Continuation vs. Continuous Futures Charting

Continuation vs. Continuous Futures Charting
Background The Apr 16, 2017 Factor Update addressed a member’s question on the use of Continuation vs. Continuous futures charting. I came down hard in favor of Continuation charts and against Continuous charts (in hindsight I was actually too harsh toward Continuous graphs)...
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Interim Factor Update, May 24, 2017

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Factor Alert, May 23, 2017 — the age of NIRP in Switzerland is almost over

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The Economic Times May 23, 2017

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Factor Update, May 21, 2017

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Continuation vs. Continuous Futures Charting

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Factor Member May 2017 Webinar

Factor Member Q&A with Peter L. Brandt - Recorded live May 11, 2017 Opening discussion/presentation by Peter 
  • Factor Tracking Account Update
  • Current Market Conditions
Live questions from Members  
  1. You used to report your prop account trading but no longer do so. Do you plan to provide this information again? 15:09
  2. In your vast experience is it best to: 1. Buy a partial position in anticipation of a break out? 2. Enter a buy stop just above the break out point? 3. Wait for the 3% close above the ice line and enter at the end of the day this occurs? 17:01
  3. Referring to the Portugal PSI-20 Index analysis published by FACTOR: Why is the 17 year bear market close to an end if the trendline hasn't been broken yet? What characteristics is Factor seeing on the triangle pattern to validate a break on the respective down-trendline? 21:01
  4. FACTOR published a chart regarding EUR/GBP in February. Head and shoulders weekly structure seems to be completed, whats your opinion about this trade? Is this head and shoulder formation still valid? 23:17
  5. About the Ripple (XRP) Cryptocoin: Major banks and financial institutions are really interested in this cryptocoin and they are even testing it on big transactions. Do you see a huge buy opportunity in here? Or do you think it will be a pump and dump situation? 25:33
  6. Your thoughts on the gap in NZD/USD? 26:53
  7. Which vendor would you recommend to trade Forex? No, of course to IB. 28:43
  8. How do you manage a runaway profitable position (e.g., bitcoin)? Take all profits at a target price or sell in increments (e.g., 10% @ x, 10% @ y)? 30:49
  9. How do you deal with a situation where two charts are telling you two different stories about something specific? If we can use a recent experience as an example. The dollar index looked bullish to me (descending wedge), whilst the EUR/USD chart also looked bullish to me (recent break higher). Do you: A) Trade both? B) Trade neither? C) Make a decision as to the more compelling trade and trade that one only? 33:11
  10. I trade across multiple asset classes. The one that I am least familiar with is the commodity market. Are there any specific nuances to the way this market trades that stand out to you as important to understand as contrasted with other markets to help guide my trading here? 35:41
  11. In recent Factor updates, you review the UBS AG@NYSE chart. I had to play around with the “unsplitting” of the prices….this is not something I recall being mentioned in determining the appropriate view of any charts. What is the significance of split versus unspilt prices? How would a trader know when this might be factor in the version the chart being viewed? 39:18
  12. Do you know what percent of your members trade full time? 43:25
  13. You wrote that grain markets are in a long bottoming process. What patterns, signals or clues do you look at during the coming weeks to confirm that bottom is completed? 44:46
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Long Term Charts – Video Tutorial – Guest Post


Factor Trading is honored to be joining forces with my friend Aksel Kibar and his firm TechCharts to provide comprehensive coverage of global forex, futures and equity markets from the perspective of classical charting principles.   Please see the recording of the video between Aksel and myself discussing this new association.  Link Here


Peter Brandt


NOTE:  Aksel Kibar’s Tech Charts Service will be launching its limited Founding Member offer this Monday May 22nd!   


Long Term Charts – Video Tutorial

by Aksel Kibar


Richart W. Schabacker discussed the importance of chart patterns in the averages, in his book Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits. He concluded that if  many individual issues were to make strong Head and Shoulders formations at exactly the same time, the average chart would, obviously, show a similar Head and Shoulders. However, since the many different stocks do not, as a rule, make their ‘‘peaks and valleys’’ on precisely the same days, the average chart is likley to show a less specialized and distinct pattern. We should, for this reason, expect the averages to show Common or Rounding Turns more often than do the charts of individual issues at times of important reversals.
Most stocks sooner or later will follow the major swings of the market. Individual stocks in a sector or industry group might form similar chart patterns due to economic cycles or sector rotation. These individual stocks can be affected by other factors such as commodity prices.
One should stay alert and start anticipating a major shift in the direction of the trend after finding similar chart patterns developing in a specific sector or industry group. It is important to note that these chart patterns are usually well-defined on the individual stocks when compared with the chart patterns on the averages.
The video tutorial discusses what can be next for the European banks by giving examples from the two major trading themes in energy sector equities and mining companies.



Please visit the website for more reports and educational content.  Website Link>>



Aksel Kibar



Factor Alert — A market update for May 17, 2017

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A Turn of Fortune for European Banks


European banks – H&S bottoms forming in major banks

Huge H&S bottom patterns continue to form on the weekly graphs of some major European banks.   UBS, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank are shown in the charts below.

UBS traded through its neckline, but the ex-dividend adjustment put prices back under the breakout level. Factor is flat, but I would consider buying UBS if it climb above 18.01.


European Banks – UBS

European Banks - UBS - Factor - Peter Brandt


European Banks – Deutsche Bank


European Banks – Credit Suisse





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