Ascending Triangle – Guest Post

Factor Trading is honored to be partnered with my friend Aksel Kibar and his firm TechCharts to provide comprehensive coverage of global forex, futures and equity markets from the perspective of classical charting principles.   Below is a guest post I thought provided members of Factor and the wider community with great value. Regards, Peter Brandt  

Ascending Triangle  - Video Tutorial

by Aksel Kibar   Right angle triangles, with the hypotenuse slanting upwards from the origin of the pattern, are Ascending Triangle chart patterns and they are bullish.

The below educational video describes how to identify a bullish ascending triangle, along with some of the characteristics of this pattern that could help you identify and take advantage of such patterns within your own personal trading.

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Factor Update, October 29, 2017

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Factor Alert, October 27, 2017 — Short metal and short energy plays

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The Economic Times October 24, 2017

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Could you condense as briefly as possible the approach you take to trading?

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A Real Vision Video Series with Peter Brandt EPISODE ONE – A LIFE IN CHARTS

RealVision produced a wonderful video series about my life as a trader, I hope you enjoy it. It was a joy to work with the fantastic team at RealVision. My thanks goes out to the entire RealVisionTV team for their hard work and dedication to this project. Peter   CHARTING MASTERCLASSES FROM A TRADING LEGEND  Peter Brandt is a classical chartist and has been a trading legend in the foreign exchange and futures markets since 1975. In this exclusive five-part series, Peter shares his knowledge and the framework he has developed to trade successfully with chart-based analysis.   EPISODE ONE – A LIFE IN CHARTS In Episode 1, Peter takes Raoul Pal through his fascinating life story, from how he discovered charts and the importance of risk management to the mentality of markets and what they can teach you about yourself. Read More
US Dollar Index - Peter Brandt

A Possible Turn in Direction

$US Dollar Index

The US Dollar market continues to form a 3-month inverted H&S bottom on the daily graph.  I have been anticipating a right shoulder low for late October, so have I was hoping for a bigger dip into the right shoulder low.
I am earnestly seeking a buying opportunity in this market and will go long on an upside completion of the H&S bottom.

Eurodollar trade correction

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Factor Alert, October 22, 2017 — Several additional charts to the October 20 Interim Update

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Interim Factor Update, October 20, 2017

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