British Pound (GBP/USD)

British Pound (GBP/USD)

The dominant chart construction in Cable (British Pound – GBP/USD) is the completed 30- year rectangle on the quarterly graph with a target of 1.0345 — and .7790 as an outside possibility.



British Pound GBP/USD - Factor Trading - Peter Brandt


However, I will note that the Commitment of Traders data shows specs have an all-time record short position and commercials an all-time record long position in British Pound futures. This is not typically a profile consistent with a further downward trend.

I would not be surprised if GBP/USD retests major resistance in the 1.39 to 1.41 zone. Factor is flat. If the Cable does rally toward 1.40, I will be watching closely for a selling opportunity in the way of a small topping pattern on the daily chart. There is also a chance – supported by Friday’s reversal day – that the daily chart is forming a symmetrical triangle congestion.


British Pound GBP/USD- Factor Trading - Peter Brandt



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