The Asian Tiger’s Roar is Getting Louder


Investors should overweight Asia


Note: I am a classical chartist. I do not follow macro economic factors. My opinions on equities and futures market contracts are based entirely on chart construction. 

Over the past couple of years I have repeatedly alerted readers to a pending price explosion in Asian equities. The ship has left the dock and is leaving the harbor.

The charts below speak for themselves. The Asian stock markets — So. Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, China and India are either in or will enter parabolic bull trends.

These stock markets will become bull trends for the ages. If you miss it, you can only blame yourself.

8.19_EWA_M 8.19_EWH_M 8.19_EWT_M 8.19_EWY_M 8.19_FXI_M 8.19_HSIX_M 8.19_NIFTY_M 8.19_SSG_M 8.19_Topix_Q



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