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Launching Patterns – Guest Post

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Launching Patterns

by Aksel Kibar

Chart patterns form over varying duration. On a weekly scale chart, a 3 month-long consolidation pattern can exist within say a year-long chart pattern.  These shorter and longer duration chart patterns can have the same boundary lines and a breakout from the short-term chart pattern can also complete the long-term chart pattern.

In such cases the short-term chart pattern is called a launching pattern. Identifying a launching pattern can be important. Breakout from such consolidation periods will not only trigger a chart pattern breakout signal in the short/medium-term but also result in a long-term shift in the direction of the trend.

The weekly price chart of RYANAIR HLDG formed a 15 month-long cup & handle continuation chart pattern. The handle part of the bullish continuation chart pattern formed a separate 4 month-long rectangle consolidation. The rectangle continuation acted as a launching pattern for the larger scale chart development. Breakout from the 4 month-long sideways consolidation not only completed the rectangle but also breached the boundary of the 15 month-long cup & handle chart pattern pushing the stock to all-time high levels.






A similar chart setup developed in late 2016 on a Swedish Technology company FORMPIPE. A well-defined 16 month-long ascending triangle completed as a launching pattern from a multi-year symmetrical triangle. This was a massive long-term opportunity. Breakout cleared strong technical resistance between 9.75 and 10 levels. Tech Carts Global Equity Markets report highlighted the significant chart development in its January 21, 2017 reportSeveral updates on twitter showed the breakout and the trend that developed following the strong breakout.



Chart Patterns - Aksel Kibar - Techcharts



Chart Patterns - Aksel Kibar - Techcharts


See this Educational Video I put together discussing rectangle patterns in classical charting and more relevant to this post, how they can act as a launching pattern.



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