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How much patience should a trader have with a losing trade?

How much patience should a trader have with a losing trade?


The question on losing trades, all traders must answer for themselves, and there really is no right answer. The answer for any given trader must depend upon his or her trading approach, markets traded, risk tolerance and other factors.

For me, the answer to this question is quite simple and multi-layered.

  • My initial risk per trade seldom exceeds 70 basis points and is limited to 100 basis
  • I aggressively advance protective stops within days (sometimes hours) after entering a trade.
  • My goal is to bring a trade to as close to breakeven as possible, as quickly as possible!

Do I have a rationale for my trade management protocol? Absolutely YES! My unwillingness to flirt with a trade that is squirming around in my pocket is based on experience. The trades that have most contributed to my net trading profitability over the years have two things in common.

  1. The trades worked immediately with a minimum of hesitation
  2. The trades trended to my price target in a very sustained manner

Let me use the Factor Tracking Account for 2017 to illustrate these points.

Trades opened and closed in 2017 to-date have produced 1624 BPs of profit. All of this profit has come from three markets – Mpls Wheat, Chicago Wheat and Canadian Dollar. An analysis of the “Immediacy” of these trades is shown on the table herein. Given this reality – especially in that it has played out year after year – why in the world would I want to hold the hands of trades that refuse to prove their worthiness?


Trade Entry date Worst intra-day loss Worst closing loss # of days with closing loss Net
Mpls Wheat 1/5 <-$200 0 0 +195 BPs
Mpls Wheat 6/5 <-$200 0 0 +275 BPs
CAD 6/12 <-$100 0 0 +495 BPs
CAD 6/27 <-$200 -$190 1 +292 BPs
Chi Wheat 6/29 <-$250 0 0 +427 BPs



Losing Trade 1 - Peter Brandt Factor


Losing Trade 2 - Peter Brandt Factor


Losing Trade 3 - Peter Brandt Factor


Losing Trade 4 - Peter Brandt Factor





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