Silver – What’s next short term?

Most chart patterns fail and then morph into larger patterns in a process I call “redefinition.” This is especially true of intraday charts. They are extremely unreliable.

With this in mind, here is my best guess on the short-term chart structure of Silver.

On the daily chart, a major top is in place. I keep hearing people talk about waiting for a decent break to buy  — about catching the next upleg in the market. Unbelievably, many “investors” are still bullish on Silver. To me this is a gigantic red flag. Conventional wisdom (i.e., the prevailing view of the marketplace) holds that Silver is in a significant correction within a much larger bull trend. The bias of investors (those not wiped out by the first decline) is to be long.

What we know for certain is that a parabolic move ended in massive record volume in Silver trading (futures and ETFs). This is a sign of a top. The burden of proof is on the bulls. In fact, should the market rally and make a new high it would be one of history’s great shorting opportunities. People have attempted to convince me that Silver was not in a parabolic move. WHATEVER!!!!!

Make no doubt about it, Silver has topped. If it has not topped, it will be many, many months before a legitimate bull trend can re-emerge.

Short term, the hourly chart displays an advancing channel. I believe that a bear market correction to the $39 to $44 zone is possible, but not on this leg up.

More than likely the market will have a further downward correction, perhaps even making a new low for the decline, before a more serious rally into the low 40’s can occur. From a market psychology standpoint, a decline to the low 30’s followed by a rally into the low 40’s would get the bulls all excited again — just in time to be slammed once more.

Then the market should drop into the mid 20’s.

Full disclosure: I have no position. I have no bias to defend. I don’t really care where Silver goes. I am perfectly ok if Silver goes to 5 or to 100. I don’t care if my next trade is short or long. I only care that sometime in the next 12 months the Silver market will give two or three low risk/high reward chart setups.


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